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Heike Aiello

More success and balance at work and at home through trust, connection and appreciation

Coaching on the job

A positive working environment, trust and connection are the key factors for relaxed and successful work.

Instead of numbers and processes, I look at the quality of the relationships: more appreciation, connection and trust makes your working environment more human, more pleasant, more effective and - perhaps most importantly - it will keep YOU in balance!

I support professionals and teams with online and personal coaching, training and facilitation in German, English and Dutch.

Heike Aiello - A short intro


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New perspectives, reliability, international orientation

Goal-oriented coaching that shows new perspectives, is fun, from an internationally experienced coach. A variety of methods and formats, always tailored, always appreciative. 

Be yourself. All others are already taken. (Oscar Wilde)
Do you want to be yourself more often?
Know and use your talents?
Work more relaxed?

Your coaching questions

I want to know and use my strengths

Knowing and using your strengths

What are you particularly good at? What is your 'zone of least effort'? How can you use your strengths for more success and balance in your professional and private life?
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I want better teamwork

I want better teamwork

What are the strengths in your team? What do you value about each other?
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I want a new perspective on an old conflict

End the conflict

A conflict within the team? No motivation and energy? More positive attention?
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I want to lead based on values and appreciation

Appreciative Leadership

Learn to 'read' and strengthen the strengths in your team. Do you still lead by criticism, or already by compliments? How do you motivate and inspire your team?
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I want more balance and clarity on my career

More balance and clarity on my career

What makes you special? Where do you stand in your career? What will be your next 'elegant' step?
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I want to learn more about Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

More fun, energy, cooperation? Learn how to use appreciation, a positive attitude, the phases and methods of 'AI' in your project, team, work context.
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What others say about my work

"My coaching with Ms. Aiello has given me confidence in my abilities.
Ms. Aiello has been with me for several months in my career transition. The coaching during this time was very valuable for me and the results would not have been the same without your support. Her versatile international experience is one of her special strengths, along with her honest and humorous nature. I have learned to implement my views with appreciation and clear communication in a professional context. In the meantime, I have accepted a new great job abroad and can apply my "aha-moments" from the coaching in my everyday work life. "
Sabrina K.
Supply Chain Analyst
"I am a PhD candidate and was blocked by a negative belief about myself. I just want to say how impressed I am with Heike's coaching skills. I felt safe, seen, heard and cared for. Really inspiring. Thank you for giving me this experience!"
Executive Coaching Heike Aiello Coreconnect today Portrait Appreciative Inquiry Team Coaching Team Development Executive Development
Lisen S.
Health sector, Esslingen (Stuttgart)
"Ms. Aiello accompanied me in my professional reorientation. I would especially like to highlight her professional, emphatic advice and her ability to point out new perspectives. I was surprised that I was able to define new goals for myself after just a few sessions."
Textile industry, Greater Stuttgart
"Inspiring Trainer/lecturer who is highly valued by her participants (directors, managers and professionals). Heike convinces with her committed and well organized seminars and her clear presentation".
Agnes Schilder
Lecturer, Expert Positive Psychology Groningen
"Heike accompanied a group of Frisian foundations. We were very happy with that. It was a complex project with many different and sometimes conflicting interests. Heike's strength lies in the connection of people and her unrestrained optimism. She always sees the silver lining.
Executive Coaching Heike Aiello Coreconnect today Portrait Appreciative Inquiry Team Coaching Team Development Executive Development
Jeroen Dijkstra MBA
Director Pento Audiologisch Centrum Leeuwarden
"My coaching with Heike has realigned my mindset as a leader: I pay more attention to strengths, my team is more relaxed - and I approach my own boss with more self-confidence".
Executive Coaching Heike Aiello Coreconnect today Portrait Appreciative Inquiry Team Coaching Team Development Executive Development
Foppe Vogt
Programme Manager Gas Production, Province of Groningen
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